Dinosaur bone microcosm
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Monique Péan

Dinosaur bone microcosm

This hand-carved environment encapsulates the components that each work is inspired by, and formed from. Each composition is constructed upon a foundation of hand-carved limestone, a sedimentary rock in which most prehistoric fossils are preserved. Functioning as a microcosm, these compositions set each work in dialogue with a distant past, represented by a natural fossil, rare mineral or extra-terrestrial metal specimen.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Monique Péan
Limestone, acrylic, cream fossilized dinosaur bone, 0.16 carat grey square cut diamond, 18 carat recycled yellow gold, watercolor and charcoal on recycled cotton paper
Contributing Gallery
R & Company
12 in × 10 in × 9.5 in
30.48 cm × 25.4 cm × 24.13 cm
Image credit: Photo courtesy of Monique Péan
Dinosaur bone microcosm
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Dinosaur bone microcosm