At The Rose House:
Green River Project LLC and Object & Thing
September 9–October 2, 2022
Ridgewood, NJ

The James Rose Center; photo by Michael Biondo

At The Rose House: Green River Project LLC and Object & Thing was open from September 9–October 2, 2022.

James Rose (1913–1991) was a Modernist landscape architect whose garden and house have been preserved in Ridgewood,  New Jersey. Rose's work and the house have been a longtime inspiration to Green River Project LLC who made a new collection of furniture for the occasion. At The Rose House extended Object & Thing’s recent practice of organizing exhibitions within historic artists’ and architects’ own homes and built upon Green River Project LLC and Object & Thing’s frequent collaborations. A percentage of sales benefitted The James Rose Center.

The exhibition required considerable collaboration among colleagues throughout the art and design communities. Galleries and organizations that contributed works to the exhibition included: Blum & Poe, Eames Office, Electronic Arts Intermix, Holt/Smithson Foundation, Lisson Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Nonaka-Hill and P.P.O.W.

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  • Paul Arnhold
  • Alvaro Barrington
  • Bloomstein Industrial
  • Bode
  • Charles and Ray Eames
  • Louis Eisner
  • Green River Project LLC
  • Hugh Hayden
  • Lonnie Holley
  • Nancy Holt
  • Clementine Keith-Roach
  • Matt Kenny
  • Luck Carpentry
  • Kiva Motnyk
  • Michele Oka Doner
  • Johnny Ortiz-Concha
  • Frances Palmer
  • Preziosi Lighting
  • Teague’s Path
  • Anne Truitt
  • Masaomi Yasunaga