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Untitled (Shard Pot)
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Nicole Cherubini

Untitled (Shard Pot)

Have you ever dropped something and had it land just so, as if it had been placed there by an invisible hand, making an unexpectedly graceful composition? All of Nicole Cherubini’s sculptures are like that. They are to pottery what James Joyce was to prose, assembled into gorgeous, fractured constructions which make a kind of sense, but only on a subterranean level, which can be explored but never fully. Untitled (Shard Pot) continues her long-running smash-and-grab campaign on the history of ceramics. Festooned with fragments, it could have been retrieved from a pit by an archaeologist. A single deft touch of color – an aqueous blue – suggests that its site of origin could be somewhere by the sea, while the redness of the clay recalls Mexico, or ancient Greece. It’s a whole world in orbit around itself. It looks a little like an accident – but the kind that was always waiting to happen.

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Nicole Cherubini
Earthenware, glaze, magic sculpt, PC-11
Contributing Gallery
Derek Eller Gallery
11.5 in × 11.5 in × 10 in
29.21 cm × 29.21 cm × 25.4 cm
ellernc01-ind01 d
Image credit: Courtesy of the artist and Derek Eller Gallery
Untitled (Shard Pot)
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Untitled (Shard Pot)