Blumennase 1
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Blumennase 1

It is appropriate that the artist duo Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller are represented at Object & Thing by Functional Art Gallery – for it is precisely at the junction of those two terms that they operate. Based in Marrakesh and Karlsruhe, they present themselves as a “Super Design + Art Service,” offering gently provocative disruptions to the forms of daily life. The trio of objects included here, Blumennase, Blumenfuss, and Blumenzahn, are exactly what their titles proclaim them to be: a nose, foot, and tooth that can hold flowers. BNAG’s deadpan delivery connects their work both to historic Funk ceramics, and to German artists like Franz Erhard Walther and Franz West, who have similarly focused on the unstable zone where the body meets a sculptural situation.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Terracotta, transparent glaze
Contributing Gallery
Functional Art Gallery
18 in × 17 in × 10 in
45.72 cm × 43.18 cm × 25.4 cm
functionalbnag04-ind01 d
Image credit: Courtesy Functional Art Gallery, Berlin
Blumennase 1
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Blumennase 1