Igloo stack in blue and black
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JPW3 and Sara Gernsbacher

Igloo stack in blue and black

The multimedia works of Patrick Walsh, aka JPW3, emerge from a process of scavenging: he reclaims and reinvents materials, often translating them into unexpected formats. These candles,made in collaboration with Sara Gernsbacher, are from repurposed wax, which becomes a canvas-like surface for abstract oil pastel transfers. Wax has long been a cornerstone of the artist's practice, specifically for its indexical potential and its implicit connotations of time. The candles bear imagery similar to his paintings, displaced into an ephemeral context: works of art with wicks, which invite their own destruction.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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JPW3 and Sara Gernsbacher
Wax, oil pastel transfer, and cotton wick
Contributing Gallery
Night Gallery
6 in × 3.5 in × 4 in
15.24 cm × 8.89 cm × 10.16 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of Night Gallery
Igloo stack in blue and black
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Igloo stack in blue and black