Spade Chair / Rubber
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Spade Chair / Rubber

Faye Toogood has two related careers, either of which would make her one of the most celebrated British designers today. She started out in fashion, initially as a magazine editor, and then making her own garments; soon after she opened an atelier for the production of furnishings and interiors. The two sides of her artistic personality inform and nurture the other; for example, she makes her objects within numbered Assemblages, in a rhythm of ongoing creativity and self-disruption that echoes the collection-based logic of the fashion industry. Forms of particular importance are revisited in the different collections, given different material and aesthetic interpretation; Toogood thus has an ongoing creative conversation with herself. The Spade Chair / Rubber seen here, an elegant form partly inspired by countryside milking stools, is a particularly important example. Included in her very first Assemblage in 2010 (in plain sycamore wood), it is here rendered with a black rubber finish, lending it a chic urbanity.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Ash, rubber
Contributing Gallery
33.86 in × 17.32 in × 18.11 in
86.0044 cm × 43.9928 cm × 45.9994 cm

The piece will be produced following purchase and ship from London in June/July 2020. Shipping fees will be charged separately.
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Spade Chair / Rubber
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Spade Chair / Rubber