Photo by Matthew Chin
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Pastoral Landscape - Soft Neutrals

Kiva Motnyk
Pastoral Landscape - Soft Neutrals, 2021
Tapestry made from pieced Belgian linen, antique and contemporary silk, African mud cloth, hand-loomed and embroidered north Indian tapestries mixed with novelty French interiors fabric and hand-woven Korean silks with
100% Belgian linen backing
92 x 92 inches

Since 2014, Kiva Motnyk has been the head of Thompson Street Studio, drawing on a background in high fashion to create textiles infused with natural dyes derived from foraged plants. Her pieces incorporate naturally dyed fabrics from her own dyes as well as collected antique linens, silks and mud cloths from around the world. (She has a particular love for textiles that already include collage elements, like Korean pojagi and Japanese boro.) Motnyk has created five new works for the presentation at The Gerald Luss House, including three tapestries placed over each of the bedrooms beds, a patchwork piece folded as a hand towel in the bathroom, and – most spectacular of all - the aptly titled Afternoon Light – Multi, a hand-pieced fabric panel stretched within a wooden frame that fills the main bedroom window. It infuses the space with the transcendent polychrome of medieval stained glass, while also establishing a sympathetic conversation with Gerald Luss’s gloriously externalized modernist architecture.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Image credit:
Photo by Matthew Chin
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Photo by Matthew Chin