San Fermo della Battaglia (Zebra’s Legend)
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Alexis Gautier

San Fermo della Battaglia (Zebra’s Legend)

It is a widely acknowledged fact that the roots of computers are in textiles. The loom, with its over-and-under matrix, served as the inspiration for the binary system that still underpins digital technology today. Alexis Gautier’s woven pieces delve into this connection, pointing to deep historical connections between weaving and encoding. The works were developed through investigations in Nepal, Italy, England and India; in each location, Gautier identified symbols associated with local stories and mythology. In Lamjung Bhujung, for example, he was told the story of “a man who climbed the village stairs holding a staircase above his head” – an Escher-like image that appears in several of his designs. Each piece is woven in strips that correspond to the width of the weaver's waist, then joined during the felting process. The works were commissioned for the inaugural exhibition of Blue Projects at Blue Mountain School, London.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Alexis Gautier
Wool (backloom handwoven wool, felted)
Contributing Gallery
Blue Mountain School
85 in × 71 in × in
215.9 cm × 180.34 cm × 0.0 cm
Image credit: Photography by Andy Malone
San Fermo della Battaglia (Zebra’s Legend)
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San Fermo della Battaglia (Zebra’s Legend)