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Alma Allen

Not Yet Titled

Alma Allen works across a wide range of scales and materials, from small hand-shaped works to huge robotically carved sculpture, in stone, wood, and bronze. Whatever the material conditions, his forms have a seismic and sexual dynamism. Long based in remote Joshua Tree (though now based in Mexico City), he prizes his space and time. It is instructive that he names his works Not Yet Titled, implying an open-ended embrace of material and conceptual possibility. Folds, apertures, and protuberances build into an intense animism, rooted in ancient and natural forms, yet in dialogue with our own 21st century experience of pervasive flux.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Alma Allen
Obsidian and bronze
Contributing Gallery
Blum & Poe
8.5 in × 8.5 in × 8.5 in
21.59 cm × 21.59 cm × 21.59 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of Blum & Poe
Not Yet Titled
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