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Faye Toogood

Relative, 2020
Glazed ceramic, wood, paint and steel
23 x 13 x 30 inches
Contributed by Pace Gallery

Faye Toogood has two related careers, either of which would make her one of the most celebrated British designers today. She started out in interiors, initially as a magazine editor for several years; soon after she opened an atelier for the production of furnishings, interiors and subsequently fashion. The two sides of her artistic personality inform and nurture the other; for example, she makes her objects within numbered Assemblages, in a rhythm of ongoing creativity and self-disruption that echoes the collection-based logic of the fashion industry. Forms of particular importance are revisited in the different collections, given different material and aesthetic interpretation; Toogood thus has an ongoing creative conversation with herself. At the Noyes House, she is showing objects drawn from various aspects of her practice. There is a tapestry from one of her recent Assemblages, a quick, sketchy and expressive composition that belies the painstaking slowness required to weave it. Two pieces of furniture are rendered in the extraordinary materials of lithium-barium crystal and sand-cast bronze; they express the qualities of water and the moon, respectively.  Finally, a vessel shown evokes the traditional Moon Jar of Korean ceramics, inverting its white palette into black; visual and tactile nuance is imparted to the surface by coating the hand-thrown stoneware in a thin layer of rubber.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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