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Unravel (I)
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Erez Nevi Pana

Unravel (I)

Nearly every designer working today is well aware of impending climate change. Very few are responding in a way commensurate with the scale of the crisis. For Erez Nevi Pana, the most important question for designers today (perhaps the only truly important question) is how to produce objects that are truly sustainable, a principle that has guided all his efforts. This textile is made of what Nevi Pana calls “peace silk.” Most people are unaware that worms are killed in the process of harvesting their silk fibers. Using a more craft-intensive approach to gathering the fibers, done after the pupa has exited its cocoon, Pana is able to avoid this miniature massacre.

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This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Erez Nevi Pana
Peace silk yarn
Contributing Gallery
Friedman Benda
Dimensions variable
Image credit: Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Erez Nevi Pana, photography by Daniel Kukla
Unravel (I)
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Unravel (I)