Hanging Shoes
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Christoph Büchel

Hanging Shoes

German conceptual artist Christoph Büchel is best known for his claustrophobic, all-encompassing installations, which put the audience in psychologically intense situations echoing those of wartime. His skill at summoning indefinable feelings of panic is present even in this simple work, a pair of his own shoes hanging from a pipe. One might think here of the common urban sight of sneakers heaved over a power line, but there is also an implication of a lynching, or simply being “hung out to dry.” The work is a testament to the fact that even a very reduced image, when seen against the backdrop of the artist’s broader work, can carry great emotional weight.

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Christoph Büchel
Artist's shoes
Contributing Gallery
Hauser & Wirth
Image credit: Courtesy of Hauser and Wirth
Hanging Shoes
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Hanging Shoes