Tree Plug (Inflatable)
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Paul McCarthy

Tree Plug (Inflatable)

Dark humor, penetrating the depths of the human psyche: that is the stock in trade of Paul McCarthy, whose videos, sculpture, and performance works have appalled and enthralled viewers in equal measure since the 1970s. His most recent works have zeroed in on the weirdly jaunty, cartoonish design of sex toys, which he explores through his longstanding preoccupation with Christmas. Solid or inflatable, silvered or brightly colored, McCarthy gifts us raunchiness with a wicked grin.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Paul McCarthy
Vinyl (red matte), fan, unique in a series of 25 + 1 AP
Contributing Gallery
Hauser & Wirth
71.25 in × 35.375 in × 35.375 in
180.975 cm × 89.8525 cm × 89.8525 cm
Image credit: Stefan Altenburger Photography Zürich
Tree Plug (Inflatable)
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Tree Plug (Inflatable)