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Untitled (Machines - yellow, green-black)
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Matt Paweski

Untitled (Machines - yellow, green-black)

The crisply defined, brightly colored aluminum sculptures of Los Angeles-based artist Matt Paweski constitute an up-to-date machine aesthetic. Though non-functional, his forms are so specific and complex as to imply highly particular operations. The various planes, cylinders, disks and other components are abruptly truncated, so that they evoke mechanical drawings or models in cross-section – an associative portrait of the opaque industrial systems that surround us.

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Matt Paweski
Aluminum, aluminum rivets, vinyl paint
Contributing Gallery
Herald St
13 in × 24 in × 13 in
33.02 cm × 60.96 cm × 33.02 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of Herald St
Untitled (Machines - yellow, green-black)
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Untitled (Machines - yellow, green-black)