Untitled (B-B (In-between))
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John Souter

Untitled (B-B (In-between))

Philadelphia sculptor John Souter often sets his works on slickly finished, brightly colored shelves – emphasizing the condition of display, in the manner of postmodern sculptor Haim Steinbach. Yet this framing of his objects in this way, as commodities, is in tension with the seductive and sensual qualities of the objects themselves. This particular work, with a quasi-figural presence, has a sublimely undecidable quality, as is implied by its teasingly esoteric subtitle.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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John Souter
Stoneware, ink, polymer, flock, walnut, KRION, brass, enamel
Contributing Gallery
Jason Jacques
19 in × 18 in × 18 in
48.26 cm × 45.72 cm × 45.72 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of the Artist and the Jason Jacques Gallery
Untitled (B-B (In-between))
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Untitled (B-B (In-between))