Totem (d.)
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Rebecca Warren

Totem (d.)

No artist working today communicates the sheer excitement of materiality more than Rebecca Warren. Though the British sculptor has explored several media, she is best known for her works in clay, which may (as here) serve as the basis for hand-painted bronze. Her baroque forms often seem caught in the act of finding themselves, at some undefined point between figuration and abstraction. Though only two feet high – modest by her standards – this example encapsulates Warren’s familiar, always thrilling, jubilance.

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Rebecca Warren
Hand-painted bronze on artist’s wooden pedestal
Contributing Gallery
Matthew Marks Gallery
23.25 in × 9.5 in × 5.625 in
59.055 cm × 24.13 cm × 14.2875 cm
Image credit: ©Rebecca Warren, Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery
Totem (d.)
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Totem (d.)