Courtesy of the artist and Tiwa Select
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Megumi Arai

Noren (small), 2021
Silk, linens and loose-weave cottons dyed with Stone Barns grown sumac, marigold, onion skin, dahlia and iron, and found fabrics from Japan, Eastern Europe and France; hazel branch from the farm
32 x 36 inches

Japanese noren hangings are used to mark transitions: liminal states, not just of place, but also of time. What more appropriate greeting could visitors have to the gallery at Stone Barns  a new space, opened at a new season. And not just any season, but one that marks many people’s emergence from a long, unusually sequestered winterThis welcome is offered by Megumi Arai (b. 1989, Portland, OR, USA), who specializes in boro textiles, whose dynamic abstract patterns are composed of many re-used fabric scraps. Though spectacular in their palette, their beauty is patient and hard-won, paying implicit tribute to the historical originators and custodians of the tradition. For her Stone Barns noren, Arai incorporates found fabrics, as well as fabric with natural dyes developed from plants from the farm  another kind of salvage, another way of honoring.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Image credit:
Courtesy of the artist and Tiwa Select
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Courtesy of the artist and Tiwa Select