Black Tangle 2
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Julian Watts

Black Tangle 2

In 2017, Patrick Parrish Gallery hosted Feelers, an exhibition of work by Julian Watts. The title indicates the Oregon-based artist’s interest in forms that are as satisfying on a tactile basis as they are visually. He works primarily as a carver, in timbers such as maple and eucalyptus or in soft alabaster, attending carefully to variegations in surface texture.

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Julian Watts
Hand-carved eucalyptus branches with India Ink stain
Contributing Gallery
Patrick Parrish Gallery
22.75 in × 39 in × 24 in
57.785 cm × 99.06 cm × 60.96 cm
Image credit: Clemens Kois for Patrick Parrish Gallery
Black Tangle 2
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Black Tangle 2