Dining Chicken Chair
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Tim Mackaness

Dining Chicken Chair

The 1970s saw a brief spate of interest in figural and “fantasy” furniture, by the likes of Tommy Simpson and Daniel Jackson. While this period style abated quickly, it still appeals in retrospect for its sheer imaginative energy. Oregon craftsman Tim Mackaness contributed to the trend in a particularly plucky way, as this Chicken Chair demonstrates. While it is certainly comical, one should not overlook the careful craftsmanship, with a radially laminated back joined to the curved seat using a giant dovetail.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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Tim Mackaness
Black walnut, koa
Contributing Gallery
Patrick Parrish Gallery
c. 1970s
42 in × 35 in × 23 in
106.68 cm × 88.9 cm × 58.42 cm
Seat height: 19in

Seat height: 48.26cm

Image credit: Clemens Kois for Patrick Parrish Gallery
Dining Chicken Chair
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Dining Chicken Chair