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Girl Mirror
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Katie Stout

Girl Mirror

A sense of humor seems eternally underrated as a design principle – but those who doubt that it can produce truly cutting-edge work have not been paying attention to Katie Stout. Over the past few years, she has developed a distinctive iconography, alternately endearing and assertive. Her sensibility is reminiscent of the Riot Grrrl aesthetics of the 1990s, but with a Pop visuality and a contemporary Feminist viewpoint – a combination that is uniquely her own. Stout is one of the few designers working today who can legitimately be seen as the voice of the next design generation – delivered with wit, but also ringing clarity.

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Katie Stout
Unique "Girl Mirror" in painted ceramic
Contributing Gallery
R & Company
14 in × 12 in × 7 in
35.56 cm × 30.48 cm × 17.78 cm
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White Glove Shipping or Pick-Up Required
Image credits: Photography courtesy of Joe Kramm/R & Company
Girl Mirror
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Girl Mirror