Hopi Hemis Mana Kachina
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Walter Howato

Hopi Hemis Mana Kachina

In the 1960’s, as many Hopi carvers were moving towards realism, Walter Howato went the other direction, reviving interest in “Old Style” katsina (or kachina) dolls. He used a local white clay called tumma as the base medium for his paints, which imparted an antique aura to his work: “I close my eyes and think of how the dolls used to look when I was a child.” Intriguingly, in earlier years, Howato had spent time working for the Walt Disney Corporation as a painter and interior decorator.

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Walter Howato
Wood, mineral pigments
Contributing Gallery
Shiprock Santa Fe
c. 1980
13.5 in × 4.25 in × 3.75 in
34.29 cm × 10.795 cm × 9.525 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of Shiprock Santa Fe
Hopi Hemis Mana Kachina
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Hopi Hemis Mana Kachina