Oktopus (Octopus)
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David Zink Yi

Oktopus (Octopus)

David Zink Yi, who was born in Lima, Peru, but works in Berlin, has an extremely wide-ranging practice incorporating film, photography, sculpture, performance, ceramics, and – as here – small scale bronze sculpture. He is fascinated by octopi, which are among the world’s smartest animals and have a distributed form of intelligence, which seems to permeate their elastic bodies. Zink Yi creates fragmentary portraits of these underwater creatures, signifying their status as elusive and alien, distant from us yet deeply compelling.

This work is no longer available for sale. Please be in touch with Object & Thing for further information.

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David Zink Yi
Neusilber, edition 3/6 + 3 AP
Contributing Gallery
Hauser & Wirth
3.875 in × 16.875 in × 10.25 in
9.8425 cm × 42.8625 cm × 26.035 cm
Image credit: Photography by Thomas Müller
Oktopus (Octopus)
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Oktopus (Octopus)