Coppetta, (Little Bowl)
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Fausto Melotti

Coppetta, (Little Bowl)

Recent years have seen a reassessment of midcentury Italian ceramics, a field whose contributions to the larger project of modernist abstraction was long overlooked. Alongside the ceramic production of Lucio Fontana, there has also been a reappraisal of lesser-known figures like Fausto Melotti. He connected early in his career with the great designer Gio Ponti, then the artistic director for the ceramic factory Ricardo Ginori, and remained involved with the medium for decades, particularly in the years following World War II. This beautiful bowl engages with contemporaneous abstraction, while also conjuring the idea of a fragment of sky brought to earth.

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Fausto Melotti
Glazed polychrome ceramics
Contributing Gallery
Hauser & Wirth
2.375 in × 5.625 in × 5.625 in
6.0325 cm × 14.2875 cm × 14.2875 cm
Image credit: Todd-White Art Photography
Coppetta, (Little Bowl)
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Coppetta, (Little Bowl)