Heady Head
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Aaron Curry

Heady Head

If Alexander Calder had taken a psychedelic turn, his work might have looked something like Aaron Curry’s. Also active as a painter, Curry fuses disparate influences - among them skateboarding, BMX culture, and sci-fi films - to reinterpret modernist modes. He typically builds with strongly profiled planes, as Calder did in his Stabiles, but to more provocative, even lurid, effect. Of these energetic collisions of form and association, Curry says, “I try to keep the door open to anything that can come in.”

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Aaron Curry
Spray paint, wood pencil on wood
Contributing Gallery
David Kordansky Gallery
27.5 in × 17.5 in × 12 in
69.85 cm × 44.45 cm × 30.48 cm
Image credit: Photography: Lee Thompson, Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles
Heady Head
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Heady Head