Bulb (open) #2
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Ricky Swallow

Bulb (open) #2

Los Angeles sculptor Ricky Swallow creates miniature monuments: small-scale gestures worked out with materials like rope and paper, rendered in the permanent medium of patinated bronze. Contrasts of temporality are of particular significance in his work. By virtue of its perfectly realized materiality, this seemingly chance arrangement – a Möbius strip form that looks a bit like a lightbulb on its side – takes on a dense gravitational field.

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Ricky Swallow
Ceramic with glaze
Contributing Gallery
David Kordansky Gallery
6 in × 9.5 in × 3 in
15.24 cm × 24.13 cm × 7.62 cm
Image credit: Photography: Fredrik Nilsen, Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles
Bulb (open) #2
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Bulb (open) #2