Meteorite inlay vessel
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Monique Péan

Meteorite inlay vessel

Inspired by the intersection of the Earth and cosmos, this vessel juxtaposes a rare 4.6 billion-year old meteorite slice featuring natural Widmanstätten octahedral relief with a specimen of Guatemalan jade of the Earth on the surface. The body of the vessel is constructed with recycled white palladium gold and steel.

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Monique Péan
Scandinavian Widmanstätten pattern meteorite slice, black Guatemalan jade, 18 carat recycled palladium white gold and recycled steel
Contributing Gallery
R & Company
L 0.90in x W 2.24in x D 0.43in (not including palladium white gold arm)

L 2.3cm x W 5.7cm x D 1.1cm (not including palladium white gold arm)

Image credit: Photo courtesy of Monique Péan
Meteorite inlay vessel
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Meteorite inlay vessel