Sensual Sculpture
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Beate Kuhn

Sensual Sculpture

Modern art still has quite a few untold stories. One is that of the so-called London Group, six German ceramists who began exhibiting together in 1968 at Henry Rothschild’s Primavera Gallery. One of them was the masterful and inventive Beate Kuhn, who trained as a studio potter but by the 1960s branched out into new territory. Rather like Peter Voulkos in America, though to quite different effect, she repurposed skills originally acquired in making functional vessels, applying them to abstract sculpture

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Beate Kuhn
Glazed stoneware
Contributing Gallery
Jason Jacques
c. 1980
8 in × 12 in × 4.3 in
20.32 cm × 30.48 cm × 10.922 cm
Image credit: Courtesy of the Artist and the Jason Jacques Gallery
Sensual Sculpture
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Sensual Sculpture