Peregrino Rug
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Daniel Valero

Peregrino Rug

In 2015, Mexican architect and designer Daniel Valero collaborated with textile artist Rúben Tamayo to create a series of collage-like rugs, emblematizing the national landscape: “Mexican territory is a mix of mountains, rivers, seas, deserts and forests a merge of colors and aromas, all these elements wrapped as a flower bouquet.” This initiative continues in Valero’s current polychromatic, asymmetrical designs in wool. Their fringed oblongs sprawl in a natural and relaxed manner across a floor or stairs. 

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Daniel Valero
Contributing Gallery
AGO Projects
98.4 in × in × 88.6 in
249.936 cm × 0.0 cm × 225.044 cm
Irregular shape, Edition 2/12 + 2AP This photo depicts a similar rug
Image credit: Copyright the artist, courtesy of AGO Projects
Peregrino Rug
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Peregrino Rug