Tall Twisted Box
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Cody Hoyt

Tall Twisted Box

Cody Hoyt has revived the technique of marbled clay – practiced widely in the 18th century in the creation of so-called “agate ware” – for the creation of his dynamic angular forms. Hoyt exploits the inherently random and complex nature of the resulting patterns with slab-constructed, obliquely slanted, asymmetrical compositions. Leaning out into space, containing whirls of inner movement, these are truly pots on the move.

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Cody Hoyt
Hand-built, slab-constructed, inlaid ceramic
Contributing Gallery
Patrick Parrish Gallery
29.5 in × 24 in × 24 in
74.93 cm × 60.96 cm × 60.96 cm
Image credit: Clemens Kois for Patrick Parrish Gallery
Tall Twisted Box
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Tall Twisted Box